Impact Windows


There are a variety of window options that can be installed to replace practically any existing windows in your home or condominium.
The base price of all windows includes "clear" glass but options such as bronze or gray tinted are available. In addition, you can add internal grids, argon gas filled (for energy conservation), or even a special "low-E" glass which helps with heat loss.


  • Bronze

  • White

  • Clear anodized (Silver)


  • Bronze

  • Green

  • Azurlite

  • Gray

  • Solarcool

  • Obscure (privacy glass)

  • Standard monolithic glass

  • Optional tempered glass for enhanced safety

  • Optional insulating glass for extra energy savings

  • Optional Argon gas and Low-E for upgraded energy efficiency

  • Laminated Glass (Impact resistant windows and doors)


A Impact Single Hung Windows consists of two sashes, one on the top that does not move and another one on the bottom that does move vertically. Impact Single Hung Windows create a classic, timeless appearance that looks beautiful with an array of architectural styles. 

A window with bars on the outside of it

Colonial Style Grids

A window with bars on the outside of a house.

Basic 1/1- Bronze Frame/ Clear Glass

A window that is in the middle of a wall.

Basic 1/1- White Frame- Grey Glass

A white lamp post in front of a building.

Brittany Style Grids

A window that is in the middle of a building.

Impact Single Hung On Both Ends Of Picture Window

A house with palm trees in the yard

Colonial Style Grids


Horizontal rolling windows or "Sliders" come in a large selection of sizes and styles plus you have the option of left- or right-sliding sashes. They are strong, low-maintenance and rust-resistant windows that glide easily on their tracks, making opening and closing them a breeze. Impact Casement Windows are also sold by All Broward Windows & Glass.

A window with three flower pots in front of it.

XOX Configuration

A window with a reflection of the sky in it.

Colonial Style Grids

A window with three windows and one door.

2 Sliders Joined By Mull Bar

A window with the label " windows " on it.

Single Slider XO Configuration

A window with a screen on the outside of it

Bronze Frame OX Configuration

A window with the pgt logo on it.

Colonial Style Grids OX Configuration